Below are cars we are restoring with expected completion dates. To see photos and videos of the restoration, please click on the pictures below. If you are interested in any of these cars, please email me at:

These vehicles may be purchased at any stage of the restoration.

This site is dedicated to my grandfather, Paul A. Ferguson, who repaired cars in a small town in southern Iowa from the 1920’s to the1950’s. He believed individuals should help those in need instead of the government, and he often repaired cars for payment “at some unknown time in the future.”  He was against many government programs as they weakened the persons they “helped”, and he feared it was the beginning of too much interference in our private lives. Here’s to you grandpa!


1962 Studebaker GT Hawk
Expected completion:
Dec, 2008
  1969 Dodge Charger
Expected completion: 
Feb, 2009
1969 Pontiac GTO
Expected completion:
April, 2009

1950 Studebaker Champion Convertible
Expected completion:
July, 2009
1950 Studebaker 2R Pickup
Expected completion:
June, 2009
  1949 Studebaker Champion Convertible
Expected completion:
August, 2009